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Take a look at the first picture at the the top of this web page. You will see a 700 lb concrete grinder which is what we use during surface preparation to ensure correct surface profile. We guarantee your floor will never delaminate, peel or fail.

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SLP LLC, has many satisifed customers with more than a decade of commercial and residential service to the Albuquerqeu area and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. If the floor surface in your Albuquerque garage is looking like it needs to be replaced, the cost to make it new again is more affordable than you think. For a floor solution that will be better than your original floor we use the lastest products from top epoxy and coatings suppliers in the US. When concrete ages, cracks and stains, a coating can restore its look and increase its physical characteristics, durability and service needs. Garage flooring options include cementitious overlays, epoxy applications, polyaspartics, polyurethanes, dye and seal, stain and seal and the lates products and systems. Our expert crews apply the coating, system of your choice to your home’s existing garage floor to give it a brand new look and feel. There’s a wide variety of colors, textures and sheens, and we can put your floor back in service within 24 hours for minimal downtime. Floor coatings can often repair minor cosmetic flaws and provide a tough, durable surface for interior/exterior concrete, garage floors, patios and all other concrete surfaces. Renewing your garge floor in Albuquerque doesn’t require removal, extensive repairs or re-pouring of cement. In most cases, there is only a surface problem that needs to be addressed. Our specialty is transforming the surface of your beat up garge floor with special epoxies, polyurethanes, sealers and similiar products. Our finished garage flooring will add aesthetic value and increase the value of your property. We have a floor to fit your budget and your needs. Free Quotes In Albuquerque New Mexico To find out more and obtain a quote call us at (505) 659-0973 today.

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